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Whisky and cereals

The distilling of cereals has a long tradition in Germany. Long before the whisky boom, top-quality grain and malt distillates were produced in fining and cap distilleries. At many universities with test and training distilleries, such as Berlin, Munich or Hohenheim, intensive research was conducted on alcohol production from renewable raw materials and energy efficiency in starch digestion. The topic of my diploma and doctoral thesis was the use, advantages and disadvantages of different oat varieties in distilleries. I spent many years in the laboratory and during practical experiments in the experimental distillery at the University of Hohenheim. There I was involved in the development of a rapid test for the determination of sugar in cereal mashes and in the separation of solids from distillery mashes.

I can still use the knowledge I acquired then and put it into practice in many distilleries at home and abroad. It turned out that all the investments the companies made in the distillery consulting service were amortized within a few days.

In lectures and practical seminars I would like to give you an insight into the world of grain distilling and the production of high-quality distillates. Through a mixture of theory and practice, I would like to pass on my knowledge and above all share my enthusiasm. Contact me directly now and secure your place.

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