Lectures and seminars on:

Fruit and berry wines

In fruit and berry winemaking, one has to deal with many different ingredients of the fruit. Accordingly, the additions of sugar, water, nutrient salts, lactic acid and enzymes vary. Dry wild fruits such as rosehips even have to be first poured over with boiling water to obtain a basis for wine production. In Eastern Germany, berry wines with a high sugar content and a residual sweetness have a long tradition. Here, their production has been perfected for decades and there are now excellent products on the market.


What is interesting about berry wine production is that the raw materials can be found in practically every garden or can be collected in the wild. Thus, even small quantities of good wine can be successfully produced. The tricks are in the mash fermentation, the mash additives and of course the used fermentation yeast. I will impart this knowledge to you – of course combined with appropriate tastings – in the seminars and lectures on this topic.

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