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Cider and juice

The preparation of cider and juice has a long tradition in our region and in almost every house there is a barrel with fermented juice from apples and pears. The apple and pear trees, which are planted in the orchards, are the basis for the cider and juice. Especially for children the way from apple to juice is a very special nature experience.

In addition to questions such as the preparation process, we are also concerned with which equipment is suitable for juice extraction and pasteurisation. Of particular importance is the question of what is the optimum storage for the pasteurised juice or fermented must in order to maintain high quality for a long time. And what needs to be taken into account for bag-in-box filling, as well as the question of which bags are best suited for hot filling?
Join me on a journey from the fruit on the orchards to the finished must and juice. And in the meantime, ask me all the questions that concern you.

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