Always stay clean:

The Distillery cleaning

Excellent quality and sublime appearance are reflected in the cleanliness. Make your distillery an eye-catcher for everyone by preserving its copper and gold colour for a long time. Cleanliness and purity is, as with everything, of paramount importance in distilleries, because only in this way can your distillery be used sustainably and for the long term.

I would like to help you to keep this fascination of the colourfulness outside, as well as the purity inside the distillery by the right kind of cleaning. Because caution is required when choosing cleaning agents. Not only can you spend a lot of money, but you can also use agents which can be dangerous for the copper material and for you. Therefore I would like to start exactly here.

Through cooperation with one of the most renowned manufacturers of cleaning agents in the food sector, three cleaning agents for the most diverse requirements in distillery operations have been developed in a joint collaboration.

For interior cleaning and smell neutralization:
The universal interior cleaner.

Little need, but highly effective. This is ensured by the completely harmless interior cleaner, which uses the CIP process to ensure that greasy and oily deposits disappear in a short time. In addition, any smell of fuselage or previously distilled herbs is removed. This effect can also be achieved in just a few minutes simply by refilling the system.
Afterwards, the use of an acidic solution – citric acid – ensures that the copper is activated and the catalytic effect is maintained.

The CIP process is the perfect prerequisite for quick and thorough cleaning of the entire distillery and is installed as standard in modern distillery equipment. After each distillation, it is therefore possible to carry out a basic cleaning with hot water, as spray heads are found at all important points inside the distillery.

For exterior cleaning and conservation:
The universal exterior cleaner.

Shine and radiance through the professional cleaning of the distillery from the outside. We are currently working on a cleaning agent for outside and for conservation at high pressure, so that it will also be available for you as soon as possible.

So your distillery will always remain clean in the long term.

Feel free to contact me to find the right cleaning agent for your distillery, which takes into account the requirements of the material of your distillery as well as the requirements of your wallet.

I would also be happy to give you an assessment and evaluation of the cleaning agents you are currently using.

Cleanliness is reflected in the quality of your distillates and in the fascination of the shine and colour of your distillery.

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