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The determination of alcohol

The determination of alcohol is an unavoidable step in the production of liqueurs, distillates and other alcoholic beverages. Especially if you want to sell them, an exact determination of the alcohol content is necessary.

Pure alcohol-water mixtures can be determined very accurately with simple density measuring instruments, such as an alcohol meter or a hand-held oscillating weight meter. This is also necessary because the law requires an accuracy of 0.3%vol when specifying the alcohol content.

The determination of the alcohol content of liqueurs, spirits or other beverages containing density modifying additives is difficult. Here, a so-called sample distillation must be carried out before the alcohol is determined, i.e. the alcohol is removed from the solution by distillation and can then be determined.

I carry out such sample distillations in the attached laboratory with professional equipment.

The price for a determination is 14 Euro plus VAT.
(Status 05/2020)

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