For a second opinion:

The Purchase support

A lack of specialist knowledge is often exploited by sellers and leads to uncertainty for you too. I would like to avoid this feeling for you.
Especially for new purchases of distillation plants and accessories it is very important to hear an independent opinion. I will help you with the inquiry and comparison of offers for distilleries or accessories. Here the difference often lies in the details and is almost always only noticed after the installation of the distillation equipment, the mashing tanks etc. Then it is often too late or too expensive for a change.

Through contacts to many manufacturers at home and abroad we find the right equipment at a fair price. It is very important to me to buy only the s what you really need. In the whole enterprise no equipment should stand afterwards, which is useless, too complicated in the operation and application or also to clean. The joy and desire to work with the distillation plant is lost. And it is important to me that you never lose your discovered passion for distillation.

Added to this, of course – and this is becoming increasingly important – is the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the plants and the professional disposal of stillages and distillation residues. Stillages are created during the distillation process and form a by-product of the distillery as alcohol-free distillation residue.

Legal framework conditions and necessary protective measures are central requirements. At the same time, they present us with ever greater challenges, which can be mastered more easily and more quickly together. Since 2012, I have been a dangerous goods officer and qualified person in explosion protection. Safety regulations are out of the question and must be observed to protect you, your customers, your employees and the environment. I help you to fulfill the requirements regarding explosion protection, fire protection and operational safety. At the same time, we take into account the regular checks that are required when purchasing the equipment, so that recurring inspections of the burner equipment are largely completed without errors.

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