Even small things of absolute importance:

The accessories

To ensure perfect distillery operation and corresponding product quality, optimal accessories are required.

  1. Auxiliary materials such as yeasts or enzymes
  2. Herbs and extracts for liqueurs, spirits and gin production
  3. Pumps such as alcohol, mash or stillage pumps
  4. Heat exchanger
  5. Hoses and fittings
  6. Filter, Filler, Capper
  7. Container for mashing, fermentation, storage
  8. Wooden barrels for distillate storage
  9. Glass balloons and bottles etc.
  10. Pilotage

Together with you, I will create a useful basic equipment or help you with the selection or new acquisition of equipment for your individual purpose. Whether it is a mashing tank for the grain distillery or a pump for mashing rowan berries, an explosion-proof pump for filling your distilling device or a special wooden barrel for storage – we always find the optimal solution and the best price-performance ratio.

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