Dr. Klaus Hagmann Distillery Consulting

My values, my philosophy, my passion

My name is Klaus Hagmann and my passion is distillation.

It all began with my diploma and doctoral thesis at the former Institute of Food Technology, in the field of fermentation technology and the related ancillary activities at the fruit distillery courses which were already well attended at that time. The desire to own my own distillery became more and more intense and I can still understand today what the alchemists of the Middle Ages must have felt when the first drops of distillate flowed from their simple distillation devices.
Once you have caught fire, this feeling never lets you go. You try to get everything out of the raw materials, play with distillation devices and achieve ever greater precision.
The deeper you get into the matter, the more you add to it and in the end you want to have everything in your own hands, from the raw material to the finished bottle. For many years I have done nothing else and my profession and passion is to share my experience and knowledge with you.
But feel free to form your own opinion on my homepage. I wish you a lot of fun while browsing and I am looking forward to a mutual exchange.

career progression

  • since 2017

    Head of Sales - Karl Bockmeyer Kellereitechnik GmbH

  • 2011-2020

    International Senior Sales Manager - Carl GmbH


  • 2007-2011

    Head of Sales and Development - Kothe Destillationstechnik

  • 1997-2017

    Department Manager Fruit Processing - Karl Bockmeyer Kellereitechnik GmbH


  • 1993-1997

    Doctorate in the field of fermentation technology / Dr. rer. nat.

  • 1987-1993

    Study of food technology, Diploma - University of Hohenheim


free projects

  • since 2012

    Dangerous goods officer, authorised person in explosion protection, specialist for plant protection

  • since 2011

    Business Development Manager - Finch-Whisky Destillery

    since 2011

  • since 2000

    Own small winery in Italy with organic wine production

  • since 1999

    Head of distillate and cider awards

    since 1999

  • since 1999

    Examiner Pass DLG Sensor Technology Expert

  • since 1997

    since 1997

  • since 1997

    international management consultant distillery

  • since 1997

    international Trainer and Speaker

    since 1997

  • since 1997

    Own fruit and berry cultivation and processing