How is currant liqueur made?

Recipe currant liqueur.

Cultivated and wild berries represent a huge potential for liqueur preparation. Not surprisingly, in addition to strawberries and raspberries, currants are also among the cultivated varieties. On the market, the liqueurs of these fruits already belong to traditional products.
Currant liqueur as well as the other berry liqueurs can be made either by preparing the fruits in alcohol or by extracting juice from the fruits with subsequent addition of alcohol. Both methods only work if the pectins in the fruits are destroyed before the alcohol is added. Otherwise they will gel when they come into contact with the alcohol. So-called pectin enzymes provide a remedy. They are used to treat the coarsely crushed fruits and destroy the plant skeleton so that the juice can escape.
The following products are required as ingredients:
– 600 ml berry juice, produced from 1200 g berries
– 250 ml high-proof alcohol
– 100 ml invert sugar syrup
– 50 g dry glucose
– Pectin enzyme and citric acid

And do not forget: Before processing, all berries must be destemmed and the green parts removed, otherwise the finished liqueur will contain grass-harsh flavors.

You can find detailed instructions in my book “Blitz-Liköre”.

Have fun doing it yourself.

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