How long does liqueur last?

The durability of liqueurs is in many cases very limited. In general, all fruit liqueurs have a maximum storage life of 3-6 months without loss of quality, even when stored in cool and dark conditions. As the time span already shows, there is a wide range, which mainly depends on the berry variety and the processing methods. In general, all pure fruit preparations have a shorter shelf life than recipes with fruits where the pectin has been destroyed. Products made from strawberries are probably most sensitive with a shelf life and color stability of maximum 3 months.

Blackthorn and blackcurrant are more stable, but here, too, slight changes in color towards brownish oxidation notes can be noticed already after a few months, which then become clear after 6 months. Signs of aging are completely normal processes that also cause problems in the industrial production of liqueurs – this is often even printed on the bottle labels – “store in the refrigerator after opening” or “use up in 14 days after opening”. Less critical are green walnut liqueur and herb liqueur. Here, even products that are more than three years old can be consumed without any problems without any loss of smell or taste.

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Dr. Klaus Hagmann, Dipl.-Ing. Food Technology, has been internationally active in sales, consulting and engineering of distillation plants for more than 25 years. His area of responsibility includes the planning of distilleries, the development of recipes and the professional operation of all equipment in the distillery. His reference books “Schnappsbrennen”, “Technologie der Obstbrennerei”, “Blitz-Liköre morgens zubereiten, abends genießen” and “Essig selbstgemacht” are best-selling classics.

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