How is the distillation process monitored?

The solution – the temperature sensor.

In order to monitor the distillation process, temperature sensors can be installed at various points in the distillation device. It makes sense to monitor the mash temperature in the still and to measure the temperature of the distillate above the individual bottoms. In any case, the water temperature of the dephlegmator – preferably at the cooling water outlet – should be constantly monitored.

Under no circumstances should the thermometer in the spirit tube be missing, which provides clear information about the time of the necessary after-run separation. By sensory analysis in connection with observation of the thermometer at the spirit tube, an exact separation temperature can be determined for after-runs of this plant. In practice, this thermometer is connected to a horn which, when a specified temperature is reached, calls the distiller to separate the overflow.

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Dr. Klaus Hagmann, Dipl.-Ing. Food Technology, has been internationally active in sales, consulting and engineering of distillation plants for more than 25 years. His area of responsibility includes the planning of distilleries, the development of recipes and the professional operation of all equipment in the distillery. His reference books “Schnappsbrennen”, “Technologie der Obstbrennerei”, “Blitz-Liköre morgens zubereiten, abends genießen” and “Essig selbstgemacht” are best-selling classics.

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