How does the product cooler and the receiver work?

for cooling and the separation of pre, middle and after-run.

From the spirit pipe, the alcoholic vapors enter the product cooler. Today, tubular coolers made of stainless steel are almost exclusively used for this purpose. The cooling is done in countercurrent, so that the cold cooling water and the cold distillate meet each other only shortly before they are placed in front of each other. A temperature sensor is installed at the head of the cooler, which ensures that the cooling water is switched on or regulated via a controllable valve. The valve opens automatically as soon as hot steam reaches the sensor.

The distillate flows from the cooler directly into a receiver. This is a stainless steel vessel for collecting and draining the condensate. It is constructed in such a way that an alcohol meter floating inside it indicates the alcohol content of the distillate leaving the condenser during distillation. Thus, the template provides valuable information about the course of the distillation and the separation of the pre, middle and post flow.

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