Why is the vinegar not sour enough?

The acid content is always problematic when vinegar is produced by the surface process. According to law, fruit vinegar must have a minimum acidity of 5%. Normally the alcohol content is converted 1:1 into acetic acid. With this process, this can take up to 9 months and the sensory evaluation still leads to deception. Sour is also a product with only 4% acidity, but it is not vinegar and the residual alcohol may still be quite high. For your own consumption this is no problem but to sell the product it is necessary to do an acidity test. To do this, you have to titrate with caustic soda lye to the neutral point and from the consumption of the caustic soda lye the exact acidity can be calculated.

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Dr. Klaus Hagmann, Dipl.-Ing. Food Technology, has been internationally active in sales, consulting and engineering of distillation plants for more than 25 years. His area of responsibility includes the planning of distilleries, the development of recipes and the professional operation of all equipment in the distillery. His reference books “Schnappsbrennen”, “Technologie der Obstbrennerei”, “Blitz-Liköre morgens zubereiten, abends genießen” and “Essig selbstgemacht” are best-selling classics.

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